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On Tuesday 12 January 2021, we co-hosted a networking event with Dundee SEN and Perth and Kinross SE Group to check in on our members and have a discussion around what organisations have been doing to adapt to further restrictions, funding such as Adapt and Thrive and the Business Support Grants.  This was really well attended and members reported that they enjoy having the opportunity to engage with social enterprises in other areas to discuss and share experiences.

For those of you unable to attend, you can find the notes from the event here –

The Next joint Tayside SEN Event is planned for Tuesday 23rd February at 10.00am Via Zoom.  The subject of the discussion will be around the Social Enterprise Net Zero Strategy –see item below for more details- and how Social Enterprises will be key to contributing towards Scotland’s transition towards Net Zero by 2045.  We hoped to be joined by representatives from Zero Waste Scotland and Circular Tayside.   Please note, this is for all social enterprises, not just those with a specific focus on climate change. Booking details will be emailed out and shared on our social media pages.



SENScot & others have drafted a Social Enterprise Net Zero Strategy – with the aim of  encouraging all social enterprises in Scotland to unite and lead the way to NetZero transitions by 2045. As part of this work, they’ve put together this short survey to gather baseline information from organisations in areas such as transport, energy and the circular economy.  They are particularly keen to hear from social enterprise who don’t currently have a focus on climate change and would appreciate if you could take the time to complete the survey. This will help identify what support is required for social enterprises to get to Net Zero. 

SENScot has participated in the launch of the Social Enterprise Places Scheme in Scotland. Sponsored by Scottish Govt and Royal Bank of Scotland and organised by Social Enterprise Scotland – the scheme is based on a SE UK initiative which operates in England and Wales. Uist and Lewis have been named as ‘SE Places’ in Scotland – with Govan being identified as ‘one to watch’ – congratulations all round. The premise of SE Places is to raise awareness as well as stimulate further social enterprise activity – within the chosen areas. We hope this scheme can achieve these aims and help increase the understanding of the value of social enterprise within these communities and, at the same time, augment and add value to their existing local infrastructures.

Below are some highlights of upcoming events being held by the Thematic SENs however Check here for details of all thematic SEN sessions coming up soon. 

Rural SEN 

Monday 1st February 2021 (2pm) – Rural SEN Net Zero Strategy Session: Focus group with Rural SEN members to assess what they require to achieve Net Zero. To book, email 

Sports SEN 

Monday 8th February 2021 (12.30) -  Sport SEN Meeting:  Climate Change and Net Zero.  A focused discussion about what members are currently doing; what their future plans are; and how we can best support organisations to meet targets around reaching Net Zero.  To join, email 


Wednesday 10th February 2021 (10am) – All SEN Session: Apprenticeships: In the last Employability newsletter, we highlighted a number of apprenticeship-related initiatives (i.e Pathways Apprenticeships, Apprenticeship Employer Grant) – hear more from Skills Development Scotland about these opportunities.  Contact Jayne to register: 

Health & Wellbeing Activities & Services 

Community Food SEN: Net Zero Strategy for Social Enterprise Session – Thu 4th Feb 21 (2-3.30pm)             SENScot, with others, has helped formulate a draft Social Enterprise Net Zero Strategy – with the aim of  encouraging all social enterprises in Scotland to unite and lead the way to NetZero transitions by 2045. This session is part of series of focus groups in the coming weeks that will inform the final strategy and will provide an opportunity for Community Food SEN members to discuss what support, tools, resources etc are needed to help the achieve net zero.  Email Mary to register. 

All SEN Session for Social Enterprise Counselling Service Providers – Thu 11th Feb (10.30-12pm)       With SEN members reporting an increased demand for counselling services, we are keen for social enterprise to share their thoughts on what opportunities and challenges this is currently posing and how they are responding to this. Email Mary to register. 

Social Care Rural Voices Event – Wed 24th Feb (10.00-12pm)       The purpose of the event is talk about what is working well in rural areas for people around social care, what’s not working so well and what would help make it work better for everyone.  We will hear from people working in rural social care, including Anne Connor from Outside the Box talking about the Voluntary Pledge. The event is organised by Outside the Box, Inspiralba & SENScot and is part of Community Solutions, a project with Health Improvement Scotland to explore trust-based partnerships between the community sector and health and social care partnerships. Register here
Health/Employability SENs: Person centred approach to Employability, Mental Health & Wellbeing with Elevate-Glasgow PSP – Thu 25th Feb (1-2.30pm)   Elevate’s aim is to ‘increase employability opportunities for individuals in recovery, reduce the number of adults in recovery who are unemployed and to make a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of Glasgow City’s local people and communities.’  Hear from a number of speakers who are directly involved in the delivery of this very successful PSP.  Email Janice to register. 


P4P’s next ‘In Conversation With’ webinar is with DTAS – Thu 28th Jan (11.00-12pm)     DTAS will be focussing on their collaborative project on tackling derelict and vacant land with the Scottish Land Commission. Register here. 

Next meeting of the Cross Party Group on Social Enterprise – Tue 16th Feb (12.30-2pm)        All are welcome to the next CPG meeting which will focus on the Holyrood election campaign theme. Register here. 

Intergenerational National Network – Mon 22nd Feb (10.30-12pm)      The next meeting of the Intergenerational National Network will be hosted by Glasgow Science Centre and will have a focus on climate change. A full agenda will be available shortly. Contact Pat Scrutton for more info. 

CHEX Conference 2021: Health Issues in the Community – Tue 2nd & Wed 3rd March.         A menu of workshops over two days exploring the impact of health issues in the community across Scotland. More info. 

People at the Centre: ALLIANCE Digital Gathering. – 22nd to 26th February. Registration now open – more info. 

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