Focus on our Members

This month our focus is on one of our newer members, Kanzen Karate.  Kanzen Karate is a social enterprise committed to building better lives through Karate via the advancement of public participation in sport and education.
We operate accessible core classes across Dundee & Angus and provide opportunities for all ages. Karate is a life long activity based on sound values providing participants with enhanced physical fitness, mental wellbeing, building confidence and many other benefits. Kanzen is about providing opportunities to all regardless of background. We are a community organisation committed to making a difference to the communities to which we operate.
Over the last 12 months, Kanzen has:

  • Provided thousands of online lessons throughout the pandemic, allowing people to stay active and well at home
  • Provided over 800 free 1-1 lessons to keep people engaged and well at home
  • Provided free to access counselling for those aged 16 Years+
  • Provided free to access home tutoring for primary school children most in need of additional support
  • Provided free online seminars with international experts including World and European Champions

 Our services are accessible to all and we work in partnership with a variety of other organisations. We are members of SCVO, DSEN, Angus SEN, SENSCOT and Social Enterprise UK.
Kanzen Karate is a registered charity in Scotland: SC050587.
Kanzen Karate has exciting plans for the year ahead, collaborating with other organisations on projects, using karate as a vehicle to engage with people of all ages and we will further information here. To find out more visit Kanzen’s website and social media pages.
Twitter: @kanzenkarate 

 Each month we would like to feature one a story about one of our members. If you have some news, or are keen to raise awareness of a project or piece of work then please do get in touch!


Focus on Our Members

Sustainable Kirriemuir is a community group that aims to educate local people on the climate emergency and to support them to move towards more sustainable, low carbon living. Set up in 2019, their Nourish Kirriemuir project is currently funded by the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund to engage 500 local people with the climate emergency, grow 2 tonnes of local food and save 6 tonnes of food from being wasted.

Sustainable Kirriemuir has three members of staff and a dedicated group of volunteers who work hard to keep driving the project forward, despite the challenges Covid-19 has presented. We are always thinking of new ideas on how we can adapt our activities to work around the restrictions. Last summer we provided 100 raised bed kits to local families complete with compost and veg plants to support them to grow at home through our Get Set Grow campaign in response to Covid-19. This spring we hope to be able to repeat the Get Set Grow campaign, along with developing our 4 community garden sites at Northmuir Primary, Southmuir Primary, Webster’s High School and the Kirriemuir Community Garden at St Mary’s Field. We are also working in partnership with Kirriemuir Food Hub to redirect local food waste, and Free Period Angus to provide reusable period products to the people of Angus.

Sustainable Kirriemuir have also embraced the use of digital technology to stay connected to others in the community and have hosted many different online events including the popular Christmas Crafternoon workshops in December, virtual Cook-alongs and regular monthly Climate Café sessions, with various speaker events and film screenings coming in the next few months. February will see our first virtual Seed Festival and over the following few months we are bringing together a series of Sustainable Fashion virtual events as well as supporting local people to reduce their food waste through our Food Waste @ Home Challenge, launching in March.

Over the next 3 months we are also working with Angus Council to connect with Kirriemuir residents of all ages to gather their ideas on every aspect of active and sustainable travel connecting people in and to the town. This Community Planning Project will focus upon walking and cycling (functionality and leisure); public transport and car use; safety and infrastructure, with a view to being able to create a vision of a transport system, shaped by the people of Kirriemuir, which promotes social inclusivity, connectivity, sustainability and health and well-being.

If you would like to contribute to this discussion please visit this link before 5th February:

 For more information on any of our projects please visit


Focus on Our Members

Focus on Our Members

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This week’s feature is on the HOPE Organic Garden & Shop, based at Hospitalfield in Arbroath. HOPE is a charity that provides garden training and work experience for people with learning disabilities in Angus. The charity was set up by Dr Cedric DeVoil, a local GP, who saw the benefits that gardening and training would bring to people suffering from depression and other illnesses. It was a successful venture and last year HOPE celebrated its 25th anniversary.  

Every summer HOPE produces organic vegetables, salad, fruit and herbs which are sold to the local community. We are a registered organic grower with the Soil Association.HOPE has four members of staff and a dedicated band of volunteers who help to ensure that the eighteen trainees are always at the centre of what happens in the garden. This year, because of Covid-19 it’s been a challenge, but the Trustees and gardeners have worked together and have taken innovative gardening projects to the trainees on homes. These have included growing sunflowers, planting onion sets, projects with bees and insects, colouring initiatives and currently growing amaryllis lilies.

Several of the trainees have Autism, Asperger’s or other long term conditions so this has been a lifeline for them and their families. With photographs and an active Facebook page and website, the aim has been to make everyone still feel connected with what is growing in the Garden and their place at HOPE.During the pandemic the charity was unable to open the shop and sell the organic produce, so they got together with another local charity (Reach Across) to provide fresh food boxes every week for vulnerable families in Arbroath. The boxes also included a series of ‘Easy Peasy’ recipes to help people make simple meals. This community action has really benefitted people across Arbroath.
Currently the gardeners are making the annual Christmas wreaths which are being sold in the HOPE Garden Shop. The head gardener is also busy planning workshops for the trainees on bees and insects and herbs.  Everyone is hoping that in Spring 2021 HOPE will be able to welcome all the trainees back into the garden. To find out more please visit their website or Facebook page